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I scooped Vivi up for some pictures, and all of them ended up with him slightly blurry. Which, hilarious — like he’s trying to protect his visage or something, ha ha. Maybe he’s developing some sort of kitty superpower, who knows.

Been a busy day all in. We went to Smaller’s school to talk to the speech and language therapist. Unsurprisingly, she has no concerns. Smaller chattered her ear off, and confidently corrected the woman when she used the wrong pronouns for Smalls. But at least she’s in the system now if we need the help, which is good.

We’ve also heard from the vet again. They’ve talked to the rescue, and the rescue agrees Halokitty needs a heart scan. He’s in for that on Friday. If the scan goes well, they’ll go ahead and neuter him at the same time. So fingers crossed he’s both well, and able to be sorted out. We still need to rebook October, but I’m pretty upfront about preferring to make sure all males are neutered over the one female. Females don’t spray — boys do. Obvs, everyone done is the absolute best, but anyways.


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