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Or ‘Me looking pensive, but actually covering a spot on my chin’. Lulz. 😀

So yeah, another week in the bag… that happened quickly. Doesn’t feel like I got up to much, but then, I probably didn’t. Yanno, the Never-ending Adventures of Being Housebound, ey? I make the most of it, and I do have a good time on the whole, but I can only say so much about the same couple of games, and the continued yarning. I did make a pendant and a matching pair of earrings out of dice, but I’m not sure I am completely happy with them. Mainly ’cause I haven’t gotten the knack of managing to drill straight through the dice, and it’s a bit more obvious (to me) on transparent dice of any colour. I’m almost certainly overthinking it, but I like to make sure the things I make are as good as possible.

((so of course, I randomly stop in the middle of this to make another pendant. ANYWAYS xD))

Brain keeps wandering, so I should probably follow it.


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