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Lookit, I went outside. Sunlight. Bah.

I ended up being out more than I expected to be, which was sort of nice. We had an acquaintance going around to Mum’s house to make an offer on Dad’s coin collection. I offered to tag along to be a strong young back, but ended up being more an emotional support shoulder. So yay I could be helpful on multiple counts. And yanno, socialise a bit. 🙂

We also had to hit up the school for parent/teacher conferences. If Littler’s teacher was pleased last time we spoke, she was ecstatic this time. Kiddo is doing well in their studies, and in their social intelligence, etc. She doesn’t let her stutter slow her down. So yeah, pleased for her. Glad she’s enjoying learning and all of that.

Right, gonna go something something. Laters!


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