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So it turns out my appointment today wasn’t my ENT appointment being bumped up — it was a separate appointment with Audiology. I had a lengthy hearing test, and now have confirmation that I’ve lost a fair amount of hearing in my left ear. Rude.

Then it turns out that ENT cancelled my bloody appointment because if I’m seeing Audiology, I apparently don’t need to see them? Dafuq? Thankfully, the audiologist I saw is chasing that up and trying to make sure my referral appointment is… if not rebooked precisely, at least rebooked at some point. I’m a bit frustrated, because I literally had to wait a year for the appointment, and I’m not keen on waiting a year again (it was booked last June for this June).

Still, it’s nice to have confirmation about the hearing loss. There might be a need to get a hearing aid in future, but for now, it makes sense to wait until we know more about what the deal is.


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