Brother Pillow

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So uh, three of four cats are on the couch, and Raven appears to be serving as a pillow to a degree. Considering how clingy Raven has been today, I’m especially pleased to see him curled up with the babies. Not that he’s taken any issue with them, but I felt like maybe he was a little stressed out. He’s obviously okay right now, ha ha.

Past that, my main ‘adventure’ of the day was also cat gifted — I forgot to put my knitting away, so my cake was torn apart across the lounge floor. I got it wound up into a ball in a fairly short amount of time. It’s also been a headache day. Well. I’ve been running a headache the last couple of days, but today’s starting point was bad enough that I promptly took some co-codamol. Which, rudely, only lasts some hours instead of days, so I’ve topped up with paracetamol to push the edge of it back. Bodies, innit. They win no design awards.

Right, gonna go get more hydration, because stars forbid the meatsack isn’t basted enough. xD


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