Just a Design Choice

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First sock is complete! The mistake… err… design choice is that I accidentally pulled out the needles during the toe bind-off, and ended up with a random-ass loop I couldn’t shift. So I tucked it inside the sock, pinned it down across the toe, and bob’s your uncle (unless he isn’t. obviously).

All my little bits in the right size seem to have scarpered. I don’t have Zing DPNs in 2.25mm. My 40cm circular is missing. So I had to make due with my normal wooden DPNs for the last bitty bit. Which worked, but still. Not my preference (in part of due to the ease of the aforementioned pulling out of stitches at the worst time).

Ah well. I can always buy the bits if I want them. I’m lucky that way. For now, getting started on sock 2, if only for a row or so.


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