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Z and I went down to the pub on the river for a belated birthday lunch. Lovely meal, and lovely exposure to cold. We were sitting in the car for a few minutes waiting for it to defrost, and I couldn’t resist photographing this loveliness to share.

But yes, good day! Nice lunch. My Switch Lite finally showed up; I licked a cartridge to celebrate. Yes, I know — the point is that they taste terrible, but I’d been reminded by our lunch conversation that I have like, almost no bitter receptors on my tongue. I was that kid that loved broccoli and spinach, yanno? So it was more just a tap of the tongue (the tip went slightly numb). It wasn’t that bad. Not likely to do it again, but I had managed to resist doing that Science™® all the years we’ve had the OG Switch. *chuckles*

Anyhoos, nearly bedtime, so besta try to get a bit more knitting done.


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