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I’m pleased at how quickly this sock is coming along. Is it the pattern? Is it because I’m comfier doing top down? No idea. I do think that next top down pair I do, I’ll have to remember to put a few extra stitches at the top, just to give a bit more stretch over calf chonk.

Blech, time to catch my breath. While there will probably be rearranging of furniture in Smalls’ room in the near future, we just got in there and rescued the stuff trapped under beds, new sheet on their bed, etc. Vivi was supervising, better known as getting in the way. I know, cats, curiosity, etc. But at least both the kids can sleep in their own beds tonight, so yay for that.

As for me, just being relatively gentle on myself; I don’t want to have another vertigo attack. Not that I could tell you what sets them off, but. Taking extra meds, trying to remember to hydrate better, etc. I just hope I feel human enough tomorrow to do a bit more tidying. I’m calling it our spring clean, never mind it’s still winter.


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