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Today’s stall was a success. I got my table back, *and* a bit of money. The atmosphere was great, and I loved chatting with everyone else. The only downside is the weather meant that there was almost zero footfall. We all packed up a bit early to go home, because there wasn’t really a point to sticking around. Still, I told the lady who runs it that if they’ll have me again, I’ll be quite happy to do a table again.

Of course, I’m tired AF now, but maybe less than last time? Whether it was because I found the atmosphere pleasanter, or because there were less people. All I know is that I’m not doing another thing like this for the rest of the year, so like, chillax, etc. Trying to talk myself into picking up my cross-stitch or knitting, but I might just zone out. Zoning out is good.


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