Mineral Water

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I got a hankering last night to make some wire-wrapped earrings, and then today, that went to drilling out small stones to let hang on their own. So now I have a little container of earrings, and I’ve just dumped out some expensive artisanal mineral water after my efforts (har har, har har).

But yeah, unexpected making direction. Not complaining! šŸ˜€ Now if I could figure out what I want/’need’ to make next. There’s some stuff I am thinking making specifically to sell at events rather than in my store, but I guess I want to be just a little bit surer that the event is definitely going to happen. They were still trying to find a few more parent helpers to make it all happen, so. Fingers strongly crossed, because I am really looking forward to it and am not ready to start spending spoons trying to track down other events (though obvs, this time of year, there are loads).

Anyhoos. I guess I’ll go work on getting my sign made for events. Aww yiss.


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