Sure, Why Not

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Z had to go get blood taken for a test, so he stopped at B&M on the way back to see if they had any of the Krave breakfast bars the kids liked. Alas, they didn’t. He did pick up some of the cheap and cheerful advent calendars so we could have them in November. The kids were well impressed, ha ha. So yeah, worth it.

Not a lot going on today. Mid-grade headache that I’ve managed to ignore all day so… result? Sort of? Not had a lot of the dizziness, so of course, the second I type that, my head swoons a tiny bit. Get some more liquid in me, hope it helps.

Which reminds me — I DID finally find out the results of my MRI. It was fine. Which means this dizzy bullshit isn’t some brain issue. As it stands, my ENT appointment is still in June… maybe I can try to see if I can find a cancellation before then, spoons permitting.

Anyhoos. Back to stringing up yon loom.


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