Smoke and Mirrors

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It’s Halloween — SPOOPY TIEMS. I dressed up as Wednesday Addams… aka, pretty much myself. *laughs* I love handing out candy, and because Z got to stay in this time, he hooked up the smoke machine and some disco lights. We got so many compliments from our handful of visitors, so even though I had hoped for more (it started raining, boo), I’m glad for those we did have. And it means I’m also being murdered by Smaller randomly chanting, ‘Screw you rain! Screw you rain!’. Oh stars. *laughs*

I’ve been in a good mood for another reason too — a very very happy nurse. I had a check-up call with the diabetic nurse, and she was thrilled across the board. She confirmed that my blood sugars were in normal ranges, and that while my cholesterol was still janky, it was slightly better than previously. She said she’d talk to the doctor about statins, and that she’d call me if he recommended I start them. She didn’t think that was going to be the case though, since my risk of a cardiac event (as the kids call them these days) are very low as-is.

Past that, just starting on my newest cross-stitch pattern. My brain hurt yesterday after finishing that thought baby, but I’m well pleased with the end result. Hopefully others will like it too.


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