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I was wet-combing Raven’s head, so wrapped him up in a towel to dry him off… which also worked to trick him to placidly lay on his back in my lap for a few minutes. I wasn’t gonna tell him that I wanted to see how long he’d hang out, ha ha. And he did for a bit, before realising that he was being duped. But still, so cuuuuuuute.

Less cute — salt. As in, I’ve been feeling salty enough about something for the past couple of weeks that you probably could call me Lot’s wife. It finally subsided enough for me to behave like a grown-up and talk about it with the other person who was involved… not that they probably knew, but maybe they did. Whatever the case, goodfren. I’m glad I took time to process my feelings, and feel better about not like, just going nuclear grr.

Anyways. Gonna go… something something. Crochet a bit more, or move it to the side because it’s just about dinnertime. Something.


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