Compact Parking

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It always delights me when I catch the ‘kittens’ being all tinyfied when they really, really aren’t. Having said that, I was impressed to find them both crammed into this space behind the curtain this morning, looking sus.

Been a fairly good day all told. I did finally order a beading loom, and turned out my first effort. I used the shitty beads that came with the loom, and the finishing probably qualifies as atrocious, but it’s for me and it’s a great starting point for learning the skill. I also need to invest in some proper end thingies, so that the things that I plan on doing come out tidy and best secured. But as this one is really thin, I could get away with a calotte and bead (though I should have used a smaller bead, but anyways).

For now, I should probably ignore the little voice that is bead-excited, and just try to rest a bit. The weekend is soon enough for a ‘proper’ go. 🙂


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