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Vivi’s current napping place of favour is the couch nearest me. He’s been flopping around cutely, so of course, I’m legally obligated to use one of my pictures of just that. Raven has been very cute and sweet as well, though he’s been perched on high rather than on the couch. He’s shooting glances at me now because I’d gone over and given him pets, and then had the gall to stop. *chuckles*

For now, mulling over more baeds. I know, I know, I have Problems™®, ha ha. But I’m not satisfied with the oranges I have in trying to do a lesbian flag set, and I’d feel sad if I didn’t manage a decent one. I had hopedthat I had the goods to do a set tonight, since I already had a thing to take a picture of that I framed up this morningnoon (afternoon; I cocked up sleep last night hardcore and woke really late). Should be fine for tonight I think, but anyways. A bit of shopping around should be a nice diversion.


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