A Family Game

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Smaller has expressed an interest in learning chess. Z likes playing chess, so it’s match match. Vivi… just likes to take part, ha ha. So of course, I look up and find *both* of the cats are investigating the board. Ah well. FB is gonna get slammed with lots of pictures of the cats being cats, as the world demands.

The chess thing is super sweet, I have to say. Smaller is a chip off of her late Grandad’s block. They share similar interests, they are gregarious to the point of insanity (and that’s even with Smaller’s severe stutter). I’m sad most days that he’s not around to witness her in all her glory, and vice versa. He was so happy to have grandkids and loved them both well, but just… it would’ve been one heck of a match.

Not been up to anything today, outside of mob slaying and trying to find the energy to do photography. Of course, the boys hop on the desk every time I think about getting my lightbox set up (and at one point, one in, and one on top of ><). Iunno, probably won’t happen today. I’m feeling completely wiped, still, and my head has gone a bit dizzy in spite of making sure my water consumption has been a bit better today. Hopefully I’ll feel a bit better after dinner.


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