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I was putting out a pouch of wet food for the boys, when Vivi dived in before I could get it all out. Which means the last bit went on his head. And he just… stood there, looking around, with food on his head. I should probably track him down to make sure he’s gotten it off since then.

I’m almost done with my thread winding, and um… I guess I had more Anchor than I thought and calculated for, because I’ll run out of box space before I get the last 6-7 slotted. I *can* and will cram them in for now, but I’ve taken stock of what I don’t have (gotta catch ’em all), and know how many boxes I should need to see them all homed. Which means another Hobbycraft order, and me being a bit grumpy because like, do I order enough for free shipping, or just suck it up and pay shipping? It’s rude, innit. I could get it delivered to my nearest shop, but. *gestures* That’s dangerous, ha ha. The website is dangerous enough.

Anyways, I should get back to the danger. 😀


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