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Finally had my phone appointment with my doctor this morning; he declares me to be diabetic. So it goes. I’m in next month to talk to the diabetic nurse about treatment, ,and choosing to assume that the diabetes is a potential factor in the severity of the vertigo BS lately. Z ent to the shop for me, picked up some foods to try, drinks what have no sugar but aren’t diet, and yeah. We’re gonna figure this out. Doctor is also going to see about getting me an MRI as soon as possible, just to make sure there’s nothing wrong in the ear or brain. Hopefully that will happen before my ENT appointment, yanno, June next year. ¬¬

But yeah, today has been looking to see what I can actually put in my face when I’m hungry. I’m still feeling really gross after how hard yesterday’s bout hit me, but like… I managed a bath, I have a current idea of where things are going, and hopefully I can take hold of it. We’re mainly feeling positive about it. The hardest thing for me is going to be finding the right kind of snacks during the day, because I’ve always been a grazer. Today has been trying to not mainline a bag of oranges, and instead having some peanut butter. Just had dinner, and feeling a bit more centred for it… hopefully that’s a sign we were eating the right sort of things.

Anyways, for now, either making some stitch markers, or working on my sock, dizziness permitting. I managed to do some pride necklace restock today, so that was pretty alright. 🙂


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