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I had an order come in today, and then couldn’t find the product in question. So I’m making up one right now; hopefully that will make the missing pot of markers show up. Plus, I’ve had an itch to make some markers, so this scratches it nicely.

Today on the whole… definitely awesome. The A/C is installed and working, and I am currently a human popsicle. Which means that there’s a significantly lower chance of things like vertigo biting me in the ass. Plus like, it means I can cover my arms without dying, and that’s weirdly quite a treat.

Z also tipped me off that we were able to order our meds, and to my delight? My request last week to be prescribed something for the vertigo was answered. And it’s something not already on my desk, so yet another fresh tool in the box.

Right, gonna go back to crafting and basking.


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