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I was trying to get a nice picture of myself and Vivi and ended up with this… which honestly? Is the more accurate explanation of the last day. I got slammed with vertigo around this time yesterday, and put myself to bed super early as the way to cope with it. Doctor’s appointment today showed no infections, no earwax of note, so like… yay. *sigh* She’s referred me to the ENT clinic, but there’s currently a year wait. We’re trying a few things to see if we can get the vertigo to fall in line, but it might mean that we have to go private to get whatever is wrong sorted out. And in the interim, I’m not supposed to drive. Rapture. ¬¬

((not that I do a lot of driving, but still))

Still, knowing what it’s not is a step towards finding out what it is. I’m hoping throwing some Sudafed at it will help, amongst a handful of other things we’ve a list to try. For now, gonna try to keep hydrating, and hope that I can make it to bedtime before needing to escape verticality. 🙂


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