Tip Trip #?

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Well, this was the third tip to the trip this week, though only my first. It was a nice day for it, and Z spotted one of his local friends and exchanged pleasantries. We still have at least one, if not two more trips to make with the current stuff in the garage, so hopefully we’ll manage that tomorrow. We’ll see! It’s all forward progress at whatever speed.

It’s Mum’s birthday today, so we’ve just had a nice steak dinner. I bought her a pretty vase and filled it with roses from my bushes — bushes she bought me as my Christmas present my first year here. So it’s a nice little love loop. I’m also tempted to buy one of the same vase for myself, as it’s really pretty. It’s two tone, blue and purple, not too big… we’ll see. One of the things Z and I are big in agreement on is that our progress continues nicely because we’re getting less stuff in than we’re getting out.

Right. Time to digest, and keep knitting. I’ve apparently got a hard date that I want/’need’ to get this blanket done by, so yanno, hustle, etc.


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