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And just like that, the youngest is that notch older. She had a good day, and enjoyed her gift haul. She’s got a playdate at the trampoline park this weekend, so that’ll be a nice cap-off for her birthday period. 😀

The weather is ghastly today; I declared we were getting the a/c up and running first-ish thing this morning. Tomorrow is supposed to be even worse — low 90s. Like, that’s what I was used to growing up in Texas, andshouldn’t expect even a flirt with this sort of hot until like, August here. I know it’s REALLY bad in large swathes of the US, and it’s like… y’all believe in climate change yet? I know, I’m a bit of a hypocrite when we’re adding to it with a/c, but I can’t spend the entire day in an ice bath.

For now, I need to think about doing a tiny bit of knitting. I’ve been a bit more zoned out than intended, but like. *gestures vaguely* hot.


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