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We finally got a bit of rain! And by ‘bit’, I mean ‘a handful of downpours’. I’ve got both ends of the lounge cracked a bit wider than normal to try and catch a bit of the breeze. There isn’t much of one, but I can pretend.

I managed to come to an accommodation with Vivi; he napped on the desk, but didn’t take up the entire thing. So I managed to do reshoot for my pride flags. They’re definitely better than the OG pictures…. maybe could have been even better, but. Don’t want to overdo it either? I still have most of the images to update, but my brain is losing the will to live. *chuckles* Get it done, bribe myself with games and crafting.

My wire came in!

I don’t think I’m going to do wire-y things today, but I’m like, woo, potential. *jazz hands*


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