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I’m slooooooooowly working my way through the smols. I’ve confirmed that it looks fab both as a keychain and a necklace. I am trying to get my head into the mood to do the photos and listings… maybe after I get some more caffeine in me. For the second, I’m trying to think about how I want to photograph them. I think I’ve got part of it figured out.

Past that, not a lot, just bits and bobs. I pushed through the order for the thank you cards with my not-Etsy storefront on them. I ordered some more of the 24mm jump rings from BigBeadLittleBead (and tossed in a set of maundrels for lulz). I’m contemplating things I can make and list in my ‘real’ shop that wouldn’t be worth having in Etsy, and yanno, much fun to be had. 😀


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