Stealth Napping

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We were taking stock of where all the cats were. Poison and Raven were blatantly on the couch, but where was our Vivi? In the window absorbing sunlight, of course. Z made a point to go outside to take this picture, because it’s ridiculously cute.

Cats aside, been working my butt off today getting a not-Etsy store set up. It looks like a store already after editing the layout between adding listings. Not that I’ve added many listings yet, but yanno, making a start, etc. I’m probably going to ask Z later if he can help me troubleshoot a few bits, if I don’t just do it all myself (the payment plugins have sandbox mode, if I recall correctly).

So yeah, back to that, and trying to not melt. For all that yesterday was hotter on paper, today has felt even grosser. I’m glad the sun is starting to feck off for the day.


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