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This is a grand 16mm of flag, on 20-count Aida cloth. I think I can get four on the bit of cloth I have on this hoop; I carefully measured it last night to try and account for the extra cloth I’d need on the sides. And if not, well. This is a scrap I had in the bottom of a drawer, so it doesn’t matter if any or all of it gets trashed.

I also began my sciencing on how best to cover the work. I applied some Mod Podge to a scrap I had, which didn’t seem to do anything interesting or clever. I’ve ordered a pack of cabochons to try next. I think they’ll work well with the little hoops, since they seem to naturally recess.

Z and Smaller have joined the Covid party, alas. Smaller is doing well (and happy she can hug both of us again), while Z is feeling a bit floored and harder of breath. But he’s that bit asthmatic, it’s the beginning of the pollen-y helltimes, so all of  it sort of builds on itself. We’ve made the saving throw of ordering pizza to cover dinner for tonight and tomorrow, and we’ll consider doing another round of takeaway on Tuesday, depending on how everyone is feeling. And yes, suffices to say, Mum wisely chose to stay home. Looking forward to seeing her next week if this is all done with.

Right, back to gaming mainly. I’ve got The Witcher 3 up on my desktop, and a new Minecraft save up on my laptop. Fun? Aww yiss.


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