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I’m feeling plague-ier today, which is just rude. My throat is angry, though I’ve managed to moisten it enough that I can talk without much pain (I couldn’t even croak words first thing this morning). I don’t have much of a cough, blessedly, and no fever to speak of. I’ve not taken a test today, but I probably will take another one tomorrow. We do have a small stockpile of tests, but as we pretty much can’t get any more free on the government… … … and it’s not like I leave the house much either, so. As long as I don’t get seriously worse, yanno? I was able to work just fine today, which is encouraging. Not like my job is hard, but still. Needs some degree of focus. 🙂

What else… Smallers made her way to our bed for the n-millionth time in recent times. Normally, she hollows out the middle, flops on her dad, and shoves her feet in my face. This time, she curled up with me; Z came to bed to find her firmly wrapped up in one of my arms, and the other trying to balance a book so I could do my normal reading. I’m finally working through Spelunking Through Hell, which. *squeal* Good! I was worried it was gonna be like, too little, because it’s a thinner volume, but as usual, Seanan manages to cram in so much goodness.

Right, gonna go get some more caffeine soothin’ down my throat, stabbing cloth, etc. Party? Always.


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