No Computer, Just Pets

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Poison yelled at Z and demanded attention, so he tried to coax her onto his chest. Instead, the pillow went over his laptop and a smug furkid perched. She didn’t stay too long — just long enough to assert her dominance.

Poison cuteness aside, today has been a double dose of sad. It’s been one month since we lost our best boy, and I feel his absence deeply. And then. AND THEN. Log onto Facebook, and find out that one of the stars of Dallas’ cultural crown, a friend, father of more friends, had passed. I’m heartbroken, but I know it isn’t a patch on what his kids and grandkid are feeling. I wrote a little post in his honour, basically a list of thank yous for the positive ways he influenced my life, which were many. The main one that most people would have experienced was me as a DJ; he’d told me unprompted that he thought I had a good voice for it. I hadn’t really thought about it until I started playing KoL and saw the stations and said… oh. Yeah, I want in on this.

Anyhoos. Back to smashing all the things in Dysmantle.


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