Middle Aged Glee

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My order of stamps arrived most promptly, and now my postbook is replete with postal goodness. I then took a moment to be pleased at this being my unexpected inheritance from my father-in-law; Mum gave it to me because she knew I could use up the stamps for my shop. She kept back some of the first and second class stamps for her own usage, but I’ve gotten a lot of mileage of what she did give me.

But yeah, little things that bring joy. I’ve also ordered some custom jewellery cards from a small shop I found online. The lead time is a couple of weeks, but based on the pre-discussion I’ve had with her, I think that I am going to be very pleased with the end result. I’ve had my shop open for almost 4 years, so I might as well treat myself to -a- branded thing that I’ve not cobbled together out of stuff on my desk.

Right, I’m off.


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