Getting There

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Almost done with hat #2. It’s gonna be close as to whether or not I’ll manage to pull it off with the remaining yarn. It won’t be the end of the world if I need to do the last couple rows in another colour… but anyways. It’s fun to feel challenged in silly ways.

I ended up going around to see Mum today instead of tomorrow, as we have company tomorrow afternoon/evening. She’d been sounding a bit down this week, so I wanted to make sure she didn’t get missed out. Plus yanno, I like our us-time? It’s really good for both of us? Plus, I was able to share a bit of happy news from the stateside family, so that was also nice.

Um, what else. Nothing, really. Gonna go vaguely knit, kill some monsters, and try to remember that it’s *not* Friday, ha ha.


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