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If I hadn’t already cottoned on to the fact that my baseline pain has gone up a looooot lately, the fact that I make hissing noises about a million times a day if I need to straighten up, or stand up, or like… anything… that would be a pretty glaring tell. I need to try to remember to take pain meds more frequently. I’m sure that statement stumps some of y’all, but probably a smaller portion of the handful of people who read this. It’s like… when you’re always in pain, it’s sometimes hard to remember that you can be in less pain, potentially. Yanno, if the pain meds actually take the edge off, which… anyways. I’m just glad that codeine is over the counter here, ’cause I know how hard it is for my friends in the States to get proper pain meds (and it doesn’t help that we’re told that we don’t need them for ‘reasons’ because some rich white women got addicted, but ANYWAYS).


It is what it is. So gonna just like… take a deep breath, go enjoy the lovely curry Z made, and then see about taking some pain meds so that the edge is off before bed. Fingers crossed, eh?


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