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I forgot to take my meds last night, a fact I only confirmed this morning. Smaller had come to our bed and wrapped herself around me, so I thought the constant waking up was adjusting to her movements. There were upsides and downsides (extra child cuddles aside) — I woke up more alert than normal. But I’ve still had a… Read more »

Fat Bottom

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Unsurprisingly, my attempt to take a picture of the dark bottom of the clouds didn’t quite pan on. They were heavy enough to suggest that raining was about to happen before tonight’s scheduled downpour, but it turned out to not be the case. But hey, clouds are good ogling in any form, ha ha. Past that, been dealing with a… Read more »


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I get super frustrated when I’m walking around, and spot discarded masks on the pavement. Like, don’t drop them, other people can’t really pick them up without gloves, so like, extra rude. Having said that, it could have dropped out of a person’s pocket. I’d like to believe that over t’other, even if it seems less likely. Past that, today… Read more »

Old Friends

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Z has been playing some¬†Torchlight III recently, which has made me get the itch for some¬†Diablo. It took like, a week of being tempted before I dived in, but it’s always such a fun grind once I do. Smaller saw me playing and said that she wanted to as well, so Z is currently making sure it’s installed to the… Read more »


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Not really much going on today. My head hurts and my eyes are telling me I should rest them… but let’s face it, I’m shite at that. I should probably like, make a slight effort… and maybe take some pain meds, ’cause the headache level of things is pretty high. But hey, it also distracts from those stupid things known… Read more »

Breaking Blah

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I got it in my head earlier that I wanted to make a set of stitch markers. Set made… but can’t confirm if they’re going to work for the needle size I was hoping. Turns out I don’t have any 19mm needles, somehow. And ordering a pair costs a few pennies… but ordering a random-ass dowel is definitely cheap. So… Read more »

Laser Quest

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I recently moved one of our ‘house lasers’ to my desk, ’cause the cats love chasing ’em. Poison can’t really make out the one I’m using, whether it’s the colour or just me needing to change the batteries… well, I guess I’ll know when I change the batteries. In the interim, Batman is having a blast. He’s taken to jumping… Read more »

Happy Accidents

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I decided to paint my nails earlier. I just sort of reached in and grabbed a random colour… then grabbed a different one. To my amusement, I realised this evening that the colour is a really good match for what I’m doing on my cross-stitch. It’s a great colour anyways (New Romantic from a-england, which doesn’t appear to be available… Read more »


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I’ve not picked up my cross-stitch in a few days, so the progress on the ‘exoskeleton’ really stands out after a few days with eyes away. Obviously, still so so so much to do, but having the framework pinning itself down is *mwah* Past that, my biggest achievement of the day was finally photographing and relisting some necklaces… that I… Read more »

All Good

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Well, it’s a bit chipped and smudged, but that’s okay! The point is that I painted my nails a different colour two days in a row, which means that I’ve found a satisfactory workaround to the current lockdown situation. If you don’t know, my husband has some really weird allergy that has morphed beyond recognition, but let’s just say I… Read more »