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Nearly There

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You know what? There’s a chance I am going to finish this sock today. It depends in part if I can tear myself away from running rifts a smidge more; I was reminded this morning that there’s only a week left on the season, so I need to buckle down and finish off all the tiers if possible. I’m most… Read more »

What a Poser

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Poison was sitting on the floor yeowling at me, so I decided to see if I could snap a photo of her as she pretended to be grooming herself. You know, how cats’ll stop and lick at themselves to demonstrate how they are ignoring you, but she forgot the supposed to be ignoring me bit. She actually stayed like that… Read more »

Hey Pig

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*sings* Yeah yoooou. Heh. Should listen to that song; not heard it in ages. Headache continuation aside, today has been a pretty solid day. I hit the caught up to the point where I could cut out of work early point earlier, which always feels good. I left my ‘shopping list’ of niggles for D and Z to sort out,… Read more »

Sorta Kinda

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One of those tiny,  niggling things that annoys me when I’m knitting a sock is that the heel has sort of a ridge where the shaping/decreasing occurs. It’s not a big deal, and doesn’t have any bearing on how wearable a sock is. Still, I tried to see if I could make it rounder. Sort of? The other side is… Read more »

Handsomest Boy

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Both of the furbabies were being exceedingly photogenic yesterday, so here’s one of Batman that I took. Past that, not a lot to report. I’m feeling a bit foggy and rough, and it’s making me cranky. I might go to bed early, I might not. Probably not. I’m used to sleep not really doing much in the restorative sense, so… Read more »

The Best Pressie

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I can’t remember if I mentioned it here, but Poison has finally returned to sleeping in my chair at night! She was put off it when I got the new chair because it swung around too freely, so I’m glad she’s mastered it. Mother’s Day bonus — finding her still camped out in my chair, even with me taking my… Read more »

New Threads

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I ordered some new thread to give me more to work with for my household sewing chores. I was pleased! It was 24 colours, less than a fiver, next day delivery. I know that Amazon is pretty evil… but they make things stupid easy and affordable. I won’t begrudge anyone shopping there, because I get it — especially for my… Read more »


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Z and I went around to see Mum this afternoon, which was nice. Bonus: socialising always means I get some knitting done, and indeed, I’m finally onto the heel flap. Getting through the body of the socks is always the real slog for me; from  here on out should hopefully progress quite nicely! Past that, not completely sure what my… Read more »

Very Aesthetic

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So, y’all have probably noticed the profusion of toys on the top of my shelving unit. Sometimes, the little ones shake off if I jostle the desk, and that happened earlier. That’s a little Minecraft chest, where I keep the sword and boy that came with my toys. I also, as y’all can see, keep a random tiny unicorn I got… Read more »