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I have eaten what should have been an impossible amount of rice today. We had Chinese from down the road last night, and because it was my birthday meal (albeit not on my birthday), I cheerfully ordered a ridiculous amount to nom on. I know that if I’m reheating Chinese food, I can eat significantly more than I can fresh. So I had some amazing beef with green pepper and black bean for a main last night, and had two big-ass orders of special fried rice for leftovers. I polished one off at lunch, and most of one off at dinner. I never thought I could eat so much fried rice that I would feel slightly nauseated seeing a picture of it, but never mind. *laughs*

Past that, not much to report. Work was not as productive as I hoped it would be, but never mind. It is what is, yanno? Naw, better focus on a happily filled belly, yarn and games, and the footie.


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