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I was effing around taking selfies, as you do, and I caught this one with all the sunlight coming through. If it’s going to annoy me by shining in my face, at least yanno, might as well  get something out of it.

I did zero work today. Like, my big ‘chore’ was painting my nails, which I had fallen out of the habit of in recent months. I still love doing it and having it done, but with Z working from home and it requiring me to add a few extra steps to see it happen… they were steps too far for what I could handle on the day to day. I don’t know if I’m getting back into the habit on the regular, but I wanted to have ‘Christmas nails’ (aka, painted in the first thermal I bought this year, Nakatomi Plaza).

Well that, and getting the turkey cooked. We’re not doing Christmas dinner as usual tomorrow, as Mum’s brain can’t cope with it. She feels awful, but like… no? We’re okay? So we’re pre-cooking the turkey to split, Z is planning on cooking up some roast veg for everyone, and taking plates around for them later tomorrow. And I had an good excuse to check on her this evening, turkey-related. Her style is to cook bacon on the top, and Z and I weren’t sure what the correct her-method was. She was happy to explain the bacon rationale and wish us luck before puttering off to whatever she was looking for.

What else… nothing much. Everyone is alive, more or less well, etc. Gonna go digest dinner, think about knitting maybe.


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