Huh, Okay Then

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I spotted this sticky on the floor. It is in my handwriting. I do nooot remember the context whatsoever, or how long ago I wrote the note. Batman was sitting next to it and that would’ve made a great blog photo… but he’s a dick and wandered up the second I picked up my phone. Oh well. *chuckles*

This week has been loooong, semi-whine. It’s mainly long ’cause like, new laptop isn’t being built until next week; it doesn’t stop me checking daily to see if it managed to move up the queue faster. Z is checking too, ’cause we’re nerds like that. Plus yanno, a new computer is generally a big deal here! Yes okay, I bought a new laptop what, two years ago? But that was a normal laptop. It would make most normal users happy for long years, but for me? Naaah. It’s not quite a gaming laptop, but it’s enough of a gaming laptop for me and the sort of games that I play. And — it should last me some years. I’ve lost track of how long I’ve had this one precisely, but it’s been some years. I’ve had my desktop even longer, but being a desktop, it doesn’t take much to make it stretch a life a bit longer (like when I got a new graphics card a couple of years back).

Right, enough blather. Back to my yarn.


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