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So, this is the sock as it’s going. I’m also currently re(re-re-re)reading Into the Drowning Deep, and am currently at the part of the book where someone is in a submersible pod in the Challenger Deep… so like, dark and water and stuff. Like, they’re suddenly relevant to each other, and that’s sort of cool and random. I shot a tweet at Seanan McGuire for her amusement, if she sees it. Or not. I hope so though. I am kind of fawning-level fan because I would love to be her friend. Friend crush? Friend crush. She’s cool and weird and another Capricorn and like… yeah. *laughs* So instead I try to play it semi-cool, and stuff.

More importantly though — it’s the last day of work for the next two weeks! Woo! Even if we’re not going anywhere, we’re going to order in more takeaways, move as little as possible, and yanno… relaxxxxx. Hopefully we can get the kids on board with that. Like, we’re not against playing games with them and such, but Smaller especially is still young enough to not fully process/want to process that adults need time to themselves, not just constantly gaming with her. *chuckles* Bless her though, I’m glad she’s as devout a gamer as the rest of us.

Right, gonna go back to digesting. We ordered Chinese and I got my first chow mein. I’ve had bits off of Z before, but never ordered one for myself. It was alright! A wee bit greasy perhaps, but very filling. We also picked up some crispy wontons, and they are amaaazing. I’ve somewhat unwisely been shoving one in my face any time I get near the kitchen, so I am full beyond full. Worth it!


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