Speed Racing

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This sock is going like woah, which is yay. Part of the speeding up process is that the foot of the sock is less stitches than ‘traditional’. I was worried that it was going to be too slim, but I feel a bit more confident now that I’ve got some progress made on it. I don’t know how far I am going to get on it tonight, but I certainly feel encouraged to try to make some good effort.

Of course, that’s if dinner doesn’t knock me out, ha ha. It’s really warm today, and add a hot dinner to that, and I’m about ready to curl up and sleeeeep. Having said that, it’s also too ungodly warm to sleep right now, so. I think the plan is to turn the upstairs a/c on for a few hours to try and keep it habitable, but we’ve not made a move on that yet. Tomorrow is gonna be the literal worst though; while we’re in the low 80s right now, it’s supposed to hit 90 tomorrow. In the UK. Rude? So rude. It’s supposed to dive back down to a reasonable temp the day after, but we’ll see.

Right. Yarn calls.


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