Not Syrupy

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This picture was taken earlier in Mum’s back garden. We’d popped around to take some birthday cards, and as part of our distancing efforts, we continue to meet around the back. I’d plopped down in front of her potted maple, which I adore. I don’t know what kind it is, but I’ve asked Z to ask her when he runs dinner over to theirs. The fish and chip bar in the next village delivers now, and Z didn’t want to cook, so we’ve got ourselves some gorgeous kebabs inbound, the girls have burgers, and his parents are doing the traditional fish & chips. Mum was ever so pleased when Z called asking if they wanted anything; they’ve not had a takeaway or a delivery since before all this lockdown shizz went down.

So yeah, that was nice, kebab will be nice… all in all, a nice day. The only boo is that part of the screen frame of my laptop broke last night. But the screen stays up and it didn’t break the display, so it’ll have to do. I don’t know if I’m going to try to glue it back together, but it might well be that leaving well enough alone is the smartest option.

Right, food’s here, so gonna go eat. Have a good Friday y’all.


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