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I switched from playing Project Hospital to Two Point Hospital, because some DLC I didn’t had was on sale. So of course, me being me, I start again from the beginning for the… fifth? Sixth? Time. At least I reachieved one of the hardest things, being getting all the awards in one year. I don’t see the ‘No Deaths’ one that often, because this is one of those rare games where I don’t micromanage every single thing. It flows at a pace and a style that is satisfactory for me to leave up and watch while I do other things, like knitting.

Speaking of that, just added the third ball of wool to the scarf. I think I am going to leave it at three, because it feels about the right length in my head. If I change my mind, I’ve one more ball of the same colour that I can use. I’m tempted to use it and the one of red that I *can* find to do a two-tone hat though. We’ll see.

Right, back to it. Have a goodun.


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