[[Spoopiness Intensifies]]

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Z and the girls took his mom to do her grocery shopping last night, and they came home with a little something for me. They’d spotted this and figured that it might be a fun addition to my Halloween get-up//in general fun lulz wear. I mean, why not? It’s super cute, and it’s on a headband, so it’ll be less likely to fly off of my head like the old hat I’d worn the year before last.

I have been making sure to embrace languorousness today. Which is me just sort of fancily saying ‘sitting on my arse looking cute’. Which is true, ha ha. I got one of my big weekend chores done last night, being ordering the wool for Smaller’s jumper. My other big self-appointed chore has to do with shifting some of my stuff around to take advantage of a new storage box, but. I’m not there yet (and can’t right now because Smaller has plopped herself directly in the way to construct something). Ah well. Later is soon enough. 😀


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