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My appointment letter for my ablation came in the post today. Suffices to say, I am relieved to have it in my hot little hands. Because it’s a private hospital and they have to go back to the NHS to ask them to pay for the procedure, I worried it would get delayed. But nope, appointment is for mid-October, which is pretty darn acceptable a wait. It’s a day surgery, so I don’t get the full badassery for my first admission to a hospital, but I expect I’ll probably get a half-decent meal while I’m waiting to get discharged after observation. I besta, since I have to like, finish eating a light breakfast by 8am on the day, and I won’t get out of there until 5 or 6pm. We’ll see how it goes. Worst comes to worst, I send Z to find the nearest McDonalds (which, amusingly, seems to be the other side of the NHS hospital in the town centre, ha ha).

For now, c’est le weekend. I think that we are alllll ready for the break. It’s been a good week for everyone for the most part, but still, a long one. My plans are gaming, knitting, and ignoring the world… you know, the usual.

And as usual, dinnertime is when I take my leave, and that it is. Laters, y’all!


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