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If you build it, then they’ll fuck off to another room. That was the plan, and now it’s in place, ha ha. Which is to say, we bought a half-desk for Littler so we could set her up in the study with her sister, which has been well received. It fits the space as if it were custom made for it, so we’re happy that we don’t lose the walkway to accommodate them. And, I think, they are happy to be able to play games on their computer in the same room. It certainly means I’m not in the middle of shouted instructions anymore, ha ha.

Beyond that, it was a not-productive day of work due to a slow connection to the office, and my guts are playing up. It’s not the end of the world though, so. And hey, there’s the chance of thunder tonight? So that’s pretty cool.

Right, off I go.


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