Hear Me Roar

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When I ordered the Gem of the Month from a-england last month, I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the gold polish (The Hand Refrains). that came. It’s grown on me rather quickly, and with the red I got from them previously (Perceval). It was very swiftly obviously that I was obligated to do some House Lannister nails — so I did. Heck, I even put down basecoat for once! I don’t know if it’s going to do me any good in keeping my polish from chipping, but hopefully it will help with the nail chipping that happens regardless.

Work was… work. *laughs* Since we’re so caught up on things, I was able to take a laid back approach to it. I got stuff done, so yanno, gold star, etc. It’s nice to be in a place again where I don’t *have* to grind my nose off to make stuff happen, and hopefully I can keep that balance the rest of the month/summer/whatever.

Anyhoos! Gonna go chill out.


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