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Now, I can’t take credit for inventing this bit of whimsy; I originally saw it on Facebook or Tumblr, or something of the like. But I DO like the judicious use of googly eyes, so I couldn’t really resist. Z noticed it when he got home, but I don’t think that the girls have spotted it yet. They probably will at dinnertime, and then I can bask in their mock outrage/amusement. *grins*

Mainly today though, I’ve been feeling a little… down? I don’t really know. It’s not sad, so probably a bit depressed, but like… because I’m tired and achy? I mean, that’s not implausible/is probable, but it’s still rude. I made sure to give the girls extra-long hugs when they got home from school. They don’t owe me anything in regards to my brain self-sabotaging itself chemically, so I didn’t say anything — I just made with the hugs. I’ll probably go around in a moment and give everyone a quick cuddle, like I do several times a day every day. I like to make sure to make physical contact in such a way regularly, but not without being imposing or in peoples’ bubbles for too long.

But eh, this too shall pass, and I shall do my best to cheerfully endure until things even out again.


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