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Visitors! Fun! Et cetera! I took a turn feeding the young master, because he’s cute, and because it’s nice to be able to to help out friends with their progeny.  I think my girls have been bemused to see me go into full babeh-squishing mode. It’s also a bit of a delight that the gap between Smaller and babeh is almost exactly the same gap between Smalls and Smaller, so getting to see Smaller have her moment of excitedly trying to play with the baby is sweet.

Past that, it’s been the usual chilling, chatting, and crafting on my part. I’m most of the way through the construction of the main body of this cardigan I’m making for the young master. I’ve got one of the sleeves joined up and mainly sewn up, and I finally ordered buttons for it. It’s for next winter give or take, so I don’t have to have it done asap — but I’d rather have it done than not.

Anyways, back to that.


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