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It’s the European elections in the UK today. And while we ‘weren’t supposed’ to still be in the EU for them, I’m chuffing glad we are. I was happy and excited to vote — in part because we have a good chance of electing a Green party MEP in my area. We’ll see how it all falls out after the weekend; I *think* we don’t find out until after the rest of Europe votes?

I ended up working ‘late’ today; I know I am going to fall behind with the girls home next week, so I wanted to try and get to a place where that wouldn’t set me back too far. I’m swung back around to being in May, so only about two weeks behind myself. There’s a good chance I can close a lot of that gap tomorrow — if the office internet doesn’t crap out on me. Fingers crossed.

That’s about it, I guess. Gonna go find some more caffeine.


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