Getting Steamy

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Z was mulling his kitchen cleaning strategy last night, and decided to check out steam mops. I pointed out that they could work as a carpet steamer as well, so he found one that ticked both boxes. We only prodded it on the edge of the kitchen carpet (which we’re now discussing replacing), but peeled it back so we could test out a corner of the kitchen properly. It looks good! It’s nice to have the tools to hand to make the chores easier, and at a reasonable cost at that.

It’s been chillier today, which… not complaining for the most part. I’ve been bemused because my wrists have been explicitly cold, which makes no sense. *laughs* But it’s fine, it’s fine. The weather is all over the place, and I’ll cherish a bit of the old cold before it gets to summer proper.

Right, I’mma scoot.


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