In Repose

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We spent all day chilling out at Z’s parents’ house, snacking and watching football, chatting about this and that. Mum got hit with snapshots from my world view, things she hadn’t had any reason to think about, but now she’ll consider (like women of colour being more likely to die in childbirth due to not being taken seriously, see Beyonce, Serena Williams, etc). It came up in a passing talk about the Duchess of Sussex, and me wondering how her experience is going to be when childling comes because of that.

She also listened patiently while Z and I rapid fired politics-related things at her, which, my heart. She can see some of it herself, and she DOES pay attention in her own quiet way. I love that we can talk about pretty much anything, and that I have her in my life. And my FiL too, ha ha, as long as he doesn’t eat near me.

So yeah, I’d call it a good day. The girls ran about and burned off some energy, until the inevitable point where someone falls and bumps their head. We’re putting them to bed at proper bedtime tonight in preparation for their return to school on Tuesday, and I think that they’ll end up appreciating it.

Right. Gonna check out My Time at Portia, and chill.


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