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The first thing my brain processed this morning was the doorbell going. Z went down and I didn’t think of anything further until my alarm started yelling at me. It turns out the doorbell was my wool order, aww yiss. I didn’t expect it to show up quite this quickly, but hey. It’s here, it’s pretty, and I can pets it my precious. I am spoiled, and Z was happy to agree with me doing it. His logic is like mine — if something is a good deal, then take advantage of it. The last time I did the same from the household funds was on Paintbox Chunky pots. I can’t remember what the price was (and I’m not bored enough to fish through past blog posts to find out), but I know I haven’t seen it that low since. I have seen this sock wool at corking good prices before, and maybe this low once or twice… but I don’t know if I’d see it again, and it will definitely get used up making socks. *grins*

Z cleverly managed to avoid us having to make a trip out of the house today en masse. We needed some cards for Mother’s Day tomorrow. Littler wanted to make one, so Z and Smalls went to the Post Office to pick through their supply. Ironically, they ran into Z’s parents there, ha ha. Our new neighbour was there as well, and had sheepishly admitted he’d driven himself. Dude, even my crippled ass can hobble the 0.2 mile round trip. *laughs* But I’m not gonna judge either — you do you, yanno?

Other than that, I have a ring on my finger again. I’d ordered a cheap and cheerful silver band so I could put something on my ring finger, which has been denuded since before Littler was born. Upon wearing, I realise that I should have probably gotten it a size smaller. I might order one, if only for the fact that I paid less than £4 for the one on my finger, so.  I asked Z to do the honours of putting it on me though, so that was nice.

Anyways, back to wool, to games, to not writing a novella here. xD


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